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You and your partner deserve to live the life you always wanted. Hypnotherapy will help you work through relationship issues to create a positive and loving bond with your partner. Join us in Bangkok or Zoom sessions worldwide to fix your relationship problems.
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Have you ever heard of traditional relationship counseling that actually worked? Generally, it only works if the two parties want to get help. Then the counseling sessions usually take months and months to peel back the layers of dysfunction in the couple.

Another angle is if you are consistently in and out of bad relationships throughout your life. It may make sense to discover what kind of behaviors you have or what’s in your history that could be causing this to happen. 

Thirdly, one of the leading causes of breakups, is ignoring or not knowing what each other wants in the relationship.

The sad fact is that 70% of couples break up within the first year. And what’s worse is that more than 50% of people in a romantic relationship are influenced by an external locus of control.

Can hypnotherapy fix all of this? 

Unlike traditional relationship counseling, hypnotherapy discovers the root of the problem directly from your subconscious mind. This is precisely the place where it is most challenging to put into words for traditional psychotherapy based counselors.

Once the core of your relationship problems are discovered, hypnotherapy is used to program your subconscious mind to remove the thinking and faulty mental imprints that have caused you so much pain over the years.

In just a few sessions, Dr. Narindr can help repair your relationship problems and assist you in letting go of toxic relationships, strengthen the ones that can be saved, or make you a better person for the next relationships in your life.

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